Import - Export Cars in Duty Free Zone, Thailand.

Export Cars Thailand

POMTCO is a member of associate ATS Logistics company group. We are the largest Thailand Company limited for Export-Import all new cars with LHD and RHD to export around the world. In our main locate base stocks in Bangkok Thailand Duty Free Tax ATS Factory.

We are supplying brand new cars for Export mainly to Indo-China Countries, South of China, Asian Countries Europe, Russia and Africa Countries. With over 30 years in experience cars business. Our main scopes are covering for Import-Export; Cars Accessories & Spare parts i.e. SUVs 4×4, pickup, van, trucks cars and Cars workshop service. We have wide and fresh stock cars ready for supply range including 4WD vehicles, Pick-ups, Sedan cars Station Wagons, Minibuses and various Commercial vehicles.
In number of large stock, make in Thailand are Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, etc.
Please feel free to content us if you have any question on you need more information.




  We have built an excellent reputation for our company by presenting to our valued customer an Effective One-Stop-Service. Car accessories, modifications, anything that the customer requires to be Added or changed, we can prepare the vehicle accordingly. Technical support is part of our after sales Service program. Contact our web site for further information.
  Using our own secure, bonded warehouse and Logistic Company (ATS) we can ensure qualified Handling & shipping to any destination, quaranteeing the vehicle arrival at the destination without delay Or damage.
  We are also the preferred supplier or spare parts to our customer, carrying large stocks of spare parts. We can send by sea freight or air cargo. Packing and shipping is managed by ATS.

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