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Single Cab 2WD/4WD
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Toyota Hilux Vigo
Hilux Vigo

   Hilux Vigo 2.5 DSL G D/C M/T PreRunner Pickup,D/C 2500 cc Diesel 2WD 5 M/T TLVGT-04
   Hilux Vigo 2.5 DSL STD D/C M/T Pickup,D/C 2500 cc Diesel 2WD 5 M/T TLVGT-05
   Hilux Vigo 2.5 DSL E D/C M/T Pickup,D/C 2500 cc Diesel 2WD 5 M/T TLVGT-06
   Hilux Vigo 4WD 2.5 DSL STD D/C M/T Pickup,D/C 2500 cc Diesel 4WD 5 M/T TLVGT-07
   Hilux Vigo 4WD 2.5 DSL DLX D/C M/T Pickup,D/C 2500 cc Diesel 4WD 5 M/T TLVGT-08
   Hilux Vigo 4WD 3.0 DSL G D/C M/T Pickup,D/C 3000 cc Diesel 4WD 5 M/T TLVGT-09
   Hilux Vigo 4WD 3.0 DSL G D/C A/T Pickup,D/C 3000 cc Diesel 4WD 4 A/T TLVGT-10

  • D/C 4x4
  • D/C PreRunner
  • D/C 4x2
  • Interior
  • Technology
  • Safety
  • Chassis
  • Specifications
New Hilux Vigo
Multi – Reflector halogen headlamps provide wide – beam and long – distance lighting for optimum road safety. New – design front bumper in rugged style. Front grille in chrome for SUV style luxury. Front Foglamps in sporty round shape compliment exterior frontal design and increase visibility.
New Hilux Vigo
Side steps make it easier to get on- off and road design. Rear bumper in chrome steel is uniquely cool. Supersized Crystal Tower rear lamps are 3 – dimensional and trendy in appearance as well as eye – catching from the distance.
New Toyota Hilux Vigo
Alloy wheels and New sized tires for the ultimate road performance.
15" for Double Cab 4x4 ( 4-Wheel Drive ) and Double Cab PreRunner
16" for Double Cab 4x2 ( 2-Wheel Drive )
Outside Rear View Mirror with Chrome , electric powered for your convenience. Spacious and comfortable cabin with ergonomic backrests to make long rides pleasurable.
Ready for every road challenge with twice the comfort.
Luxuriate in another class of comfort with spacious cabin and sedan – inspired utility features
Metallic instrument panels.
An adjustable 4 – Spoke Rack & Pinion with Power Steering for ergonomic comfort. Illuminating Optitron gauges offer brightness adjustability and better readability. Digital clock with Multi Information Display (MID)

Metallic side control panels add sedan – inspired luvury. Bottle holders and Door Pockets at all 4 doors for easy reach. 12 Multi- purpose storage space maximizes every inch of the vehicle.

Exclusively designed convenient rear seats storage space. Height adjustable driver’s seat for better visibility and reduced long-journey discomfort.  
New Hilux Vigo
3.0 Litre VN Engine with Intercooler for extreme power and speed
2,982 cc D-4D Commonrail Direct Injection DOHC 16-Valve engine with Variable Nozzle Turbo and Intercool Maximum 163 horsepower at 3,400 rpm and torque peaking at 343 Newton-metres at 1,400-3,200 rpm.
2.5 Litre (High) Engine for impressive acceleration and overtaking ability, plus unbeatable fuel efficiency
2,494 cc D-4D Commonrail Direct Injection DOHC 16-Valve Turbo engine with horsepower peaking at 102 hp at 3,600 rpm and highest torque 260 Newton-metres at 1,600-2,400 rpm.
2KD-FTV (Standard) Engine
2.5 Litre (Standard) Engine is fuel-saving, responsive and suitable for every driving condition
2,494 cc D-4D Commonrail Direct Injection DOHC 16-Valve Turbo engine with horsepower peaking at 102 hp at 3,600 rpm and hoghest torque 200 Newton-metres at 1,400-3,200 rpm.

Variable Nozzle Turbo Equipped with a plurality of nozzle vanes of which the opening-closing degree can be controlled with electrical motor to allow the effective aspect ratio of the turbo to be altered as conditions change for better power output and overtaking at both high and low engine speeds. Intercooler System decreases air intake temperature from Turbocharger to internal combustion engine to provide a denser intake charge, increasing the output of the engine. Higher Pressure Supply Pump
Distributes fuel with higher pressure and injecting it in finer spray for thorough combustion, hence maximizing every drop of fuel and reducing carbon footprint.

Multi Pilot Injection
Prevents delayed ignition with 2 pilot injection prior to main injection, therefore enables easy ignition , better fuel efficiency and reducing combustion noise and engine vibration.
32 bit ECU
intelligent computerized system gives precise maximum fuel injection at every rpm. Working with ECU 11 , its precision prevents wastage of fuel and is superior to conservative injection system.
Prevention (Active Safety)
New Hilux Vigo

Front ventilated discs Brake
Size reassures you with every brake.
Theft Deterrent System ( TDS) with theft alarm Third Brake Lamp is clearly visible from far behind.

Protection (Passive Safety)  
Collapsible steering wheel reduces the impact of driver to steering wheel in the unlikely event of frontal collision. SRS Dual Airbags ( Supplemental Restraint System Airbags ) Protect driver and passenger from head and chest injury as a result of frontal collision.
Green laminated with top shade holds together when shattered to minimize injury. Shock-absorbing door structure to reduce injury in case of accident. Side-door impact beams for strengthened safety in 2 doors.
• Anti – Intrusion brake pedal automatically collapse to reduce foot injury in case of accident. • Automatic fuel Cut – Off Valve prevents explosion when car overturns. • Adjustable seatbelt anchor for both drive and front passenger, with automatic / emergency locking retractor.
New Hilux Vigo

One- piece metal chassis frame Thick, sturdy and enhanced with specially strong chassis for maximum durability. Double – wishbone independent suspension and Coil Springs for smoother, balanced ride and improved road grip. Leaf spring over Axle delivers extra ground clearance to tackle tougher road conditions.

Underride guards at 3 positions for safety benefits. Rack & Pinion steering wheel controls and manoeuvres cornering with precision.

Narrowest 5.9 – Metres minimum turning radius helps facilitate parking.
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